Nate Rempe Shares How NBC Brings Value to Customers with Advanced Textbook and Technology Offerings

May 6, 2016

The other day, I was taking on the daily challenge of getting my 2-year-old daughter to eat dinner. I’d made delicious stuffed pork chops and ranch mashed potatoes (recipe available, by request), so there wasn’t any reason for her not to eat…other than the massive distraction of my son playing Mario Kart 8 at maximum volume in the same general vicinity. TV goes off and her plate goes empty.

Not unlike my daughter, as a college store leader, it must be challenging not to get distracted by all the tools and technologies in the marketplace right now. Each tool promises value but takes time and energy to use—time that is taken away from other important tasks. Funny thing is, if we were able to improve the fundamentals of college retail even slightly (those things we’ve done for the last 100 years), it would have a bigger impact than even the best tool or technology you could buy. Technology supplements good fundamentals, but rarely does it replace it.

NBC sells technology—the best technology available in the market*. But, more importantly, we provide what is still the life blood of your college store: textbooks. Recent upgrades to our textbook offerings have been made to ensure we continue to offer more value to the fundamentals of your store than any other wholesaler in the industry. Our textbook offerings are designed to save students money, and we are constantly evaluating programs to make sure that while we are helping students save money, we are also helping stores save time and resources by making tools easier to use, finding ways to source even more textbooks, and creating delivery systems that make it easier to get titles in stock, in whichever format students are looking for.

What NBC offers is:

  • Millions of used books with new sourcing and buying options such as Market-Based Pricing, Dynamic Sourcing, and Optimized Order Decisions. With beta programs starting now, these programs are already saving customers time and money when sourcing used books with us, while also allowing us to find ways to continue making improvements and enhancements to our programs to better meet your needs based on participating stores’ feedback.
  • The widest selection of digital textbooks and the best student experience available. Coming in July 2016, our digital library will be moving to RedShelf, where our digital library will expand to over 300,000 titles!
  • Innovative rental programs that are no-risk, easy to implement, simple to operate, and benefit both the store and the student. We continue to streamline the process to make our rental programs the easiest to use. Look for updates to our rental products coming soon, just in time for the fall 2016 back-to-school season.

In my new role as Chief Revenue Officer, my job will be to lead NBC’s Sales and Marketing teams, whose only goal will be to help you master the fundamentals of operating your store and help you discover why our textbook solutions are the clear choice to making you as successful as possible. I look forward to spending more time with you, understanding your needs, and delivering affordable textbook solutions and new technology and tools.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, please reach out to your NBC representative or email

*According to independent market research, 2016

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