Sidewalk Hero Is Here!

July 19, 2016

We have some good news! The Nebraska-Sidewalk Hero rollout will begin July 25th! If you are already working with a Sidewalk representative to bring Hero to your campus, you will be among the many schools first in line to get the WinPRISM-Hero update. The overall Hero update to WinPRISM will happen in three phases. The first phase will be implemented over the next 3-4 weeks, and is a simple update to the way students search for textbooks on your website. After this update, when students click to search your course and class catalog to find their textbooks, they’ll be taken to the Hero catalog and shown your used, new, and rental prices, along with your digital offering from RedShelf (if you are a RedShelf client), and pricing across other online vendors. From that shopping catalog, students will add books to your cart and check out like normal, with orders flowing into WinPRISM exactly as they do today.

In order to take your update live, you’ll need to accept the simple terms and conditions of the update, which allows Hero to query WinPRISM to bring back matching catalog data and textbook pricing, and also explains that you’ll be getting paid a commission for sales that occur at vendor websites.

Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions of the update, your Hero catalog sync will be turned on, and a Sidewalk representative ​will reach out to you to validate your catalog before it goes live, provide training on managing your price comparison panel, and show you how to track the stats coming from your Hero catalog update.

Phase 1 is really straightforward and seamless and will provide your students with an improved shopping experience this rush.

Phase 2 implemented post-rush, and is where the magic really takes form. Phase 2 includes single sign-on implementation for students and faculty, faculty access to Hero, and the actual adoption sync between Hero and WinPRISM. This is a very exciting Phase of the Hero-WinPRISM update.

Phase 3 will include more fluid integration between platforms, bringing your adoptions all the way through to the automated order decision-making processes within WinPRISM.

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