Digital Content Now Provided by RedShelf

July 11, 2016

NBC recently partnered with RedShelf, a leading supplier of digital content, to meet the growing demand for affordable, easy–to-access course materials. This is an exciting change and will not only benefit you at the store level but also benefits your customers

Together we are integrating RedShelf’s digital content platform into NBC’s WebPRISM platform and point-of-sale system, which will open the door to more college stores selling digital textbooks to students both online and in-store at competitive pricing. Effective July 15, 2016, will be discontinued as NBC’s digital content manager. Instead, WebPRISM Manager will replace to manage digital content.

RedShelf is designed to meet the demands of affordable, easy-to-access digital learning materials. Stores now have the capability to create a custom-branded eCommerce website which will allow for a seamless digital textbook shopping experience, and students can benefit from instant access to over 380,000 eTextbook titles. Additional RedShelf benefits include:

  • Better content for your students
  • Instant access to eBooks after purchase
    • No apps, downloads, or syncs
    • Students receive access codes at time of purchase
      • No wait time
      • No manual transaction for your store
  • Custom branded eBook site
  • 10% margin
  • Extensive digital content catalog
    • Over 380,000 eTextbook titles
  • Simplified invoicing
  • No transition costs

NOTE: Canadian clients will be unaffected by the integration at this time and should continue with their normal adoptions process until further notice.

Interested in testing RedShelf for your store? Please contact your NBC Representative or

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