Enhancements to NBC Mobile Products Announced

December 11, 2015

Enhancements have been added to the NBC Mobile Toolkit and NBC Mobile POS solutions. Now, users with the web Order Fulfillment application have support for Accounts Receivable tenders. Support for iOS 9 has been added for all NBC Mobile products. NBC Mobile POS has been enhanced to support new functions. NBC Mobile Toolkit and NBC Mobile POS solutions are part of the WinPRISM product suite.

Enhancements List Includes:

  • Ability to swipe a cashier ID for log in
  • Ability to swipe a customer ID for Receipt Lookup
  • Mobile Products now support of iOS9
  • Addition of the xref, or bar code in number format
  • NEW Item Detail screen so cashiers can easily distinguish between items with the same description

Any questions in regards to NBC Mobile Toolkit and NBC Mobile POS solutions, including all enhancements can be directed to ssales@nebook.com

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