November 2, 2015

Nebraska Book Company is excited to announce the general availability of its next-generation point-of-sale system, PRISM360 POS, on November 6, 2015. PRISM360 POS integrates with WinPRISM v27 to provide a completely redesigned point-of-sale experience and many new features, including:

Touchscreen Technology

PRISM360 POS boasts a sleek native touch design, which decreases cashier training time by nearly 60% while also increasing reliability, flexibility, and transaction speed. Our user interface has been designed from the ground up by user experience experts of Starbucks, Wendy’s and Subway point-of-sale systems.

Seamless Cross-Platform Experience

Designed and engineered to present a consistent user experience when using either the mobile or the touchscreen register, PRISM360 POS, with PRISM360 Mobile.

Industry-Leading Security

PRISM360 POS is the most secure POS platform in the industry. With Point-to-point encryption, EMV support,, and a pre-install configuration audit by NBC’s PCI Internal Security Auditor, you can count on the platform to protect cardholder data better than anyone else.

Improved Reliability and Scalability

After months of intense load testing and optimization, as well as an extended beta period, PRISM360 POS has already established a track record of reliability in high-frequency, high speed transactional environments. The platform can be scaled to a large number of terminals without any individual terminal performance degradation. Your system is accessible and reliable where you need it, when you need it.

Campus System Integration

PRISM360 can be customized to interface with a variety of debit card and campus ERP solutions, including Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft or Microsoft Dynamics GP; Blackboard, CBORD/Diebold, Debitek, General Meters, and many others.

Full Food Service Support

PRISM360 POS has the ability to power your food service operation, campus-wide. Functionality includes, made-to-order, packaged items, weights and measures scale support, and a powerful food service menu interface to allow highly customizable, extremely fast menu item selection. PRISM360 POS can help you expand the value of your technology investment across campus.

Cloud Based Architecture

PRISM360 POS utilizes cutting-edge cloud based architecture. The light and efficient POS application runs locally on the register to provide a lightning fast user experience, but harnesses a proprietary cloud layer to ensure maximum extensibility, real-time product, inventory, and pricing information, as well as improved security and mobility.

We are scheduling PRISM360 POS installs now. Please contact or your NBC Sales Representative to discuss options.

For a list of additional details and requirements for PRISM360 POS please visit

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