Pilot Programs

October 30, 2015

Technology is constantly evolving while retail is fast-paced and changing almost daily. Customers are demanding faster and better service than ever before. What was considered cutting-edge in retail technology last season is light years behind where we all need to be now. That is why NBC is tirelessly working on developing new products that help you engage with your customers in ways they have come to expect in this digital age. We are continuously working on additional products as services, and this creates an exciting opportunity for our clients to partner with us on acting as a beta store. Beta stores take advantage of newly developed products, either at a reduced cost or at no cost to them. This can be POS systems, eCommerce promotional programs or textbook programs.

Current programs that we are offering include:

  • eCommerce Product Content Management: A new NBC service that will improve your web presence and increase revenue by adding more in-store merchandise to your website. NBC eCommerce experts will work with your vendors to acquire and curate content and ensure that optimized titles, rich content descriptions, and enhanced images are added for your items.


  • Dynamic Sourcing: Let NBC make rush easier for you. Our NEW Dynamic Sourcing program will source the marketplace for the inventory you need to ensure you have all the titles your students need! Sourced titles are consolidated and shipped directly to you from our warehouse. All the books are invoiced at the market competitive price – which saves you money over traditional sourcing methods.

Interested in Becoming a Pilot?: Please contact your NBC sale representative or contact info@nebook.com to learn more.